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Award Program


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Safety Award Program


Fillmore Construction promotes a positive safety culture within its organization. We want to recognize employees who have a strong attitude towards safety and work continuously toward creating a safe work environment.

The Fillmore Construction Safety Award program will be issued at the beginning of every year to employees who are eligible. The safety award system reviews workers’ safety performance from January to December of the previous year and safety award points are given accordingly. Employees’ years of service determines their starting safety point value.



Criteria: (Each point represents one dollar towards Fillmore Online Store purchases) 0-1 Years of service: 50 points (Not Eligible for bonus points)

1-3 Years of Service: 100 Points

3-5 Years of Service: 150 Points

5-10 Years of Service: 200 Points

10+ Years of Service: 250 Points


Additional Points and Bonus Points:


All employees with over 1 year of service are eligible and may receive bonus safety points.

50 bonus points may be added if an employee has not received a formal written safety warning.

50 bonus points may be added to employees who have not been involved, or had a safety incident that has resulted in medical attention due to their actions, property damage due to their actions or injuries to others due to their actions.


Points may be deducted if employee does not regularly complete accurate hazard assessments as required and does not complete required safety training.


All Safety Award points and bonus points are subject to change, as per the discretion of the Fillmore Construction Director of Health & Safety. Safety Awards are issued to qualifying active employees.